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Kat is a Polish stand-up comedian based in Berlin. She performed all over the world; Cape Town, London, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo, New York and Bangkok to name a city or six.


Kat’s been called a ‘Polish Joan Rivers’, ‘joke kalashnikov’ and ‘my favourite’ (no, not by her mum). Her energetic, fast-paced storytelling is jam-packed with unexpected punchlines, brutal honesty and a sprinkle of Eastern European pizzazz. Buckle up, it's a rollercoaster!


She wrote for and acted in Comedy Central PL “Mini-Mocks” series in 2022 & 2023. You might've spotted her on ARTE TV and Buzzfeed UK too! Her 2024 special 'Traitor' is now streaming on Outflix.TV.

Kat hosts and produces shows in Berlin with her female collective “Queen Bees Comedy”.




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